This guitar is quite literally my pride and joy.  It's another Kay, tagged for the Airline brand, and another like my red K-593 pictured on the page.  It sports the original neck and frets in AMAZING condition and playability.... I decked the fingerboard and did proper adjustments, added a Tune-O-Matic bridge for tonal accuracy, upgraded the tailpiece with a NOS German made harp, and of course, added some custom guards....The red tortoise is actually the original, and I've backed it with 3 later white pearl....added a white pearl truss cover, and I did a red pearlized finish over the stock selector switch.   I play this beauty every day, write original music with it, and absolutely love it.  It's for sale, but I'd miss it.
I consider the overall playability of this guitar to be one of the best I've ever owned.
This is a crazy creation.....A CRAZY wild custom one-off Epiphone Wildkat that I've converted into a HARD-TAIL instead of a factory issue Bigsby.  NO OTHER in the world!
Full compliment of custom cut and beveled pearl guards and accents, German made chrome tailpiece, and pearl primary volume & tone knobs.  EXTREME easy fingering....I lowered the frets, crowned and polished them, and gave it a really close action.  This is truly a RADICAL custom.
How 'bout one for you "American Made" boys...
This is my one-off Custom Rickenbacker 620 with my custom pearl guards, and some NOS vintage bakelite Ric knobs from the 60's....
I just can't leave stuff alone......Always lookin' for what I feel would have been a better design or layout.......
I'm sick....SICK I tell ya' !
But life is GRAND when it's filled with joy
and yer' havin' fun with Geeeetars!
Here's one that I customized, very rare model from Epiphone, and a real Korean classic.  A one year production model in Turquoise, I did a complete shave on the frets, new crowns, and a custom guard treatment with matching truss cover.....Pearl underlay for the Bigsby as well.  Fingers great.  I'm told by it's new owner on the West Coast, that famed Luthier to the Stars "Sammy Sanchez" checked out the pro set-up, and loved it.
Here's a great guitar I showed you on the previous page.... It's made by Harmony, called the "Rebel", but specially branded and optioned for the Silvertone label.
Model 1453...It was designed in '68 to compete with Ric's, but catering to guys who couldn't afford an expensive American made axe.
It was only offered in 2 combo's of red and black sunburst....Kind'a boring....SOooo, I restored it in a "Sunset Metallic" (Burnt Orange center to Red edges), and redesigned the guards to more closely resemble the Ric's.
Another One-Off Custom design, and it fingers great after I gave it a proper set-up....frets leveled, re-crowned & polished, and a lowered nut.   SWEET.
This is a Custom Shop Epiphone Wildkat, 2005 NAMM Show "Guitar of the Month" model, in limited edition Red Metallic.  It's been put through my own Custom Shop as well, sporting one-off pearl guards, and a German made hard-tail Harp.  Pearl knobs, and a one-off matching headstock too.  Lowered and leveled fret board gives this baby a LOW and SMOOTH action, unlike any other Wildkat made.  Simply a great playing custom.
Here's my one-off custom built "325" style solid body, fabricated from seasoned swamp ash, and a full "neck-thru" construction.  Bridge plate has been routed into the body, lowering the entire top surface of the axe for a really "low-profile" feel.  Short scale like lennon used to play (takes some getting used to)....shaved stainless frets, laser straight fingerboard, Bigsby flush mount, Grover lockers, custom hand cut and finished pickguards and Abalone accents, and for this guitar, I chose Japanese electronic components for a real vintage sound.

At the bridge position, this axe sounds like a Tele!  COOOoooool.......  Sold to a discerning buyer for a crazy low price, but cooooool nonetheless.  I'm working on a second like this one, to be debuted sometime in early 2015 I hope.  This axe is a GREAT player!
This axe is a NOS Ric Model 340, discontinued, but a great looker and player.  It hasn't yet caught on as a collectible, but I believe at some point it'll take off.  Vintage "Toasters" add a nice retro tone with lots of power potential.    I added a full gold color change on the custom cut guards (stock guards are white), enlarging them slightly to accent the big body....They're edged in white, and the stock truss cover was refinished to match.   Vintage Rogan knobs, and a custom designed and hand cut sound-hole guard was added to make this beauty a one-off creation.   I think this should be a Ric-offered design compliment to these big bodied beasts.... It really makes the flow of the curves work better with the size.  GREAT axe.
This is my latest creation as of 12/2014, and it's a one-off for sure.  Never offered by Rickenbacker, but made possible by yours truly.

It's what I call the Ric "670-12"..... A standard 660-12 string model, but with an added Toaster pickup in the center, and wired as a mono-340 or 370 would be.  Nicely enhanced tones, and the styling improvement to the body is out of this world.  I also added vintage Rogan knobs to give it that "early" look and to accent the gold guards.    At the top, I removed the standard width Ric nut and replaced it with a Tusq synthetic bone..... The slots are slightly wider than the Ric nut, adding extra finger room for easy playing.  The 660's are already wider at the top than the other models, SO this extra room makes THIS Ric-12  a DREAM to play.

If you want this one, you'll pay BIG....Or pry it from around my cold dead fingers.  And "yes"..... It's THAT good.