In this section, I'll show you a fraction of the guitars I've designed, restored and collected.  

In my early days, I played 50's & 60's Classic Rock....Then I sat in with Country bands as they needed me, and formed various Rock bands.... Southern and Progressive were my favorites, but they've been long put to rest in exchange for Gospel music of my own writing, and that of many and varied artists.  

I've been playing in Church for over 30 years now, and just recently began playing guitar again after laying it down when I began Christian Ministry.  

Guitars, as I see them, are works of art....I love vintage guitars especially, even many Japanese classics. 
This beauty will look strange to most players, yet to a few collectors of fine vintage instruments, it's known as the "Holy Grail" of collector guitars.  Made by Teisco, it's the elusive 1966 "Spectrum 5".  She was nearly mint in the original case, with the original chord book and strap.... BUT, as luck would have it, I blew the motor in my car and had to sell her to pay the bill..... A real heartbreak, since this guitar in mint condition is most likely a once-in-a-lifetime proposition.
I've seen a number of Spectrum 5's in my day, BUT only one of this extremely rare beasty..... It's the 1967 Teisco Spectrum 22....I found it in nice shape, and gave it some very tender loving care to make it's beauty shine.  A real gem, and VERY few in numbers....Yet, there are other Teisco's that are even more elusive than this....Some of which I have NEVER seen in the USA.  This one's a beauty.
Since I'm on the subject of vintage Teisco Del Rey guitars, I'll stick to it for a spell......I've done pro restorations on a number of the ET Series, or as they're known in collector circles, the "Sharkfins".  Here's a few to ponder......A blue metallic ET-460 with the rotary selector, a blue metallic ET-312 (3 pick-up), and an ultra rare ET-460 in metallic red with the string mute option, AND a factory 3 way toggle selector.... Many Teisco nuts don't even know that they MADE one of these, and contend they didn't even exist without a rotary selector knob.....The proof is in the photo....I've only found a photo of one other like it.  
Here's another Teisco made for the Silvertone label, distributed by Sears in 1968.  She only needed a cleaning, polish and a pro set-up....Really nice when finished...Every nut, bolt and various part comes off and is reconditioned when I refresh these guitars.   Model 1455....very lightweight, and fun to play.
This one is also a Silvertone label from about 1969 or 70.....It's my favorite S-Tone to date....Cleaned up and buffed out beautifully, great chromework, and I installed a Bigsby.  I don't know what it is about this shape and color combo....Just looks great, and after a pro set-up, she played as well as she looked.  Model 1460, and a very rare model it is.
Here's a custom axe for the Jazz buffs.....A 1967 Kay Model K593 (sometimes referreed to as a Barney Kessel, although it's not the 'signature" model....It's shaped after the Gibson Kessel style)....It sports 3 Gibson P-35 "Kleenex Box" mirror pick-ups, a custom cut and channeled Warmoth neck, and custom 3 layer pearl guards.  This one took a while to finish, but it plays as well or better than any Gibson ever made....Great single coil tone, and ease of fingering is beyond "Wow!".  Flamed maple.....and that vibrato was made by the Bigsby Co. only for Kay.
here are a few other guitars I've had in the recent years.....Some customized, some just cleaned and refreshed a little... I'll explain in the captions.
Here's an early 60's Harmony Rebel "Silvertone" edition with the knobs instead of sliders.  This one hangs in my garage.... Someday I'll finish restoring it.
This is a REALLY cool teisco built "Heit" 4 pick-up....Like a Teisco "Tulip" body, but a bit different in the curves.  This one is pretty rare...Only seen 3 in all my years. Beautiful Cherry-Burst.
This is my Texas Special USA Strat in Teal Frost....Great tones....I previously had a '92 USA Standard in the same color.....Both gone to new homes.
Here's my Italia Rimini 12 String, with custom pearl guards I designed....Played like a dream....Sold it to move to other projects.  Italia's are KILLER quality guitars, designed by Trev Wilkinson.
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This is my Italia Rimini 6 String....A bit more customized than the 12 string....A real smooth player, low action...Mini Humbuckers sound great.  Beautiful Axe.
I also like playing with Epiphone Wildkat Custom Shop models..... I start with good quality new or used guitars, and set them up properly, and then customize them to make them one-off creations.  I level the fretboards, crown and polish the frets, make proper adjustments to the bridge and truss rod, then add custom designed and hand cut/beveled pick guards and truss covers.....Custom cases too, some my own one-off creations.  The one to the left is a Wildkat Royale model....I've also done custom Transparent Orange models, as well as Red-Metallic and Tiger variations.  here's just a few....each one unique in 2 are exactly alike, but all play great....MUCH better than factory specs.
These Wildkats sound great too....Dual Gibson single coil P-90's with 3 way switching.......Semi Hollow body with great sustain.....all they really need is someone to properly set them up.  It's funny to me how the factory states that they actually do a "set-up" on these guitars in California.....  To me, it's a ridiculous contention....they may as well have migrant farm workers set them up for all the good they do at their custom shop.  Sounds harsh, but Epi should step up it's quality in the "technician" department.  These are great guitars with a true pro-set-up.
I had an idea for a Strat a while back, SO I came up with this full blown custom one-off..... I use genuine Fender parts, and basically design it from the ground up.
This has a burnt orange metallic finish with 4 coats of urethane clear, and a matching headstock with my own custom logo.  Clapton's favorite pick-ups, the "Lace Sensor Gold" series, with some custom chrome accents...Pearl "UFO" knobs....custom cut pearl guards, no others like 'em in the world....A chrome "block" bridge for great sustain, and an extremely LOW action.
I LOVE designin' and buildin' customs.
Here's a WILD classic.....Made by Italia, it's the discontinued "Monza".....modeled after the old EKO styling from the 60's..... This features a plug in Amp Module for practicing that fits in the cutout area of the guitar....WILD.   I designed a custom case for this beauty, specially made for the amp pod accessory and the wide body of the guitar....My own custom logo on the case finished it off.   I bought this from famed guitarist Rick Vito, formerly of Fleetwood Mac.
Here's my CRAZY RARE Teisco Spectrum 2......
Another nearly impossible to find gem from 1968, 
originally imported and offered by Bennett Brothers
of New York.
Actual Abalone nameplate on this beauty....Perfect
pickguard, nice finish and great chrome.
Man, what a nice rare Geeeeeetar.
Can you Fender guys "dig it", or is you square?