In this section of the site, I want to take you into the world of "Vintage Toys" that I've had the pleasure of owning, restoring,and just plain enjoying over the years.  Times were tough during my childhood, and Dad couldn't afford much...and as a result, what he could afford was all the more special.   Now that I'm all "grown up" and have a few bucks of my own, I can bring back a few fond memories by purchasing and/or rebuilding some of those special toys....Not the least of which would be, "Big Loo" by Marx !  Here's a few examples of vintage toys and restorations that I've had the privilege of owning and enjoying.
This is a museum quality Big Loo by Marx, from 1962.  He still talks clearly, and all systems are go!  He shoots rockets, darts and balls, squirts water (repro), flashes his eyes, rings a bell, has a clicker, rolls on the floor, bends at the waist and his head turns; GREAT toy robot, and truly the "Holy Grail" of the 60's plastics.  I have had MANY Loo's, but this one is one of the best for condition.  Plastic is incredibly clean and bright, and the paint is exquisite.  A STEAL at the asking price in the store.  I hate to sell him, BUT I can't keep everything.
A while back, on one of our Facebook pages (Big Loo Robot Trivia), a fella' named "Ed" posted his desire to purchase a show/museum quality Big Loo by Marx with ALL the original accessories....NOT an easy order to fill.  Most can only DREAM of such a one.....HOWEVER, since Doc refuses to surrender to defeat, we finally located a class A specimin with one of the loudest and clearest voices we've heard since 1963, and ALL of the various original accessories, right down to the instruction sheet!   These are some photos of this very special Loo that was just delivered to his new owner (on 10/13/2016) in our very own specially manufactured box with inserts that kept him comfy and motionless during his long journey!  WHAT A ROBOT is all we can say!    Here he is, saying "good-bye" to his twin brother! ---------->
Recently, the BEST Big Loo Robot ON THE PLANET was sold by our good friend and colleague "Theo" from "BigLooRobot.Com".   It was the single-most RARE, and the most PERFECTLY MINT Big Loo WITH the Box that we've EVER seen since the year 1963 !!   Our hats are OFF to our friend, not only for bravely allowing this Big Loo to come to open market for the sum of $6,495.00, but for all the work he does in providing us with exciting new ideas and memorabilia relative to the Big Loo craze!   THANK YOU Theo........God Bless you my friend.

You can visit the Big Loo Robot web site by clicking the following link:


****LOOK at the photos!!!  NOTE the small molded parts are ALL "DARK GREEN "........including the WHISTLE !!  UNHEARD OF rarity!!!