When I was young (in the late 60's and early 70's), I was a veritable snowmobile nut.  Problem was that I had no money to buy one....My ol' man finally gave in and bought a 70 Olympic 335 for himself, and a used 69 Olympic 320 for me.  It didn't take long to customize it.... Must have been an illness....I couldn't STAND the machine just bein' the way it was.....It had to be MY machine....SO, I laid out some black hood treatments and pinstriping and had a ball.  I'll never forget that first snowmobile.  The places we went and the adventures we had were unforgettable.
Now THIS beasty to the left is a DREAM machine....I always dreamed of this sled, so in my latter years, I decided to build it.  She's what they called a Blizzard "Hybrid" Racer...Not everyone could get their hands on a real Blizzard back in the day...just so many alotted for racing....The rest had to use F/A's and Blizzard parts....This is one....With a very rare 340 Triple cylinder, and my own custom welded tuned suicide pipes. (I told you I was nuts).

That's my own custom designed upholstery too....The rear section was sewn by my friend Mark Klump of "Klump's Upholstery" in Fort Plain...Fabulous workmanship comes out of his shop.  The Ski-Doo letters are from an actual Blizzard Racing Suit that had seen better days....Thick embroidery. Polished frame....Custom skis....Ahhhhhhh. Me Blizzard.
Here's my '73 F/A TNT that I designed and restored....Custom hood work, custom paint, custom welded pipes and stingers.....340 Twin....Polished frame.... These are a lot of fun to build.  This one and the one above were used in one of my "Shop" classes, and then taken to a few shows with the kids....
Great time, and they brought home the iron.
As the motor sits on the stand, you can see the stingers I welded on to the tips of the tuned pipes..... In the top left photo, you can see that they exit from the side of the belly pan.....The sound is amazing....LOVE it.  My son-in-law has this one in the garage now, and one of these days he's gonna rebuild the carbs and install a new CDI for the ignition circuit......She's gonna scream.