Yeah, that's right......BICYCLES. 

"Muscle Bikes" mostly, some completely custom designed and welded, some restorations of cool classics......I told ya', I'll restore almost ANYTHING.....and Bikes are COOL.

SOoooooooo, here's a few that I've put together, welded up, customized, restored, and even
competed with at some prestigious shows.

("prestigious"......I like that)
Here's a really cool "Rail" by Huffy, tagged for Sears.  I restored it and added some accessories such as the speedo, light, rear turn signal...etc....Entered it in a show near Albany NY and took First Place.
Sold it....and wish I hadn't.  Just tons of COOOOOL.
This is my Schwinn Krate "Lemon Peeler".....I did a mild restoration on it.....Spit and polish along with some new decals and touch-ups....

This one was LOADED with Schwinn Krate accessories that I parted out....

....and naturally, had I held them longer, they would have proven great investments.... But I bought and sold quickly back then so I could reinvest in new projects.

I did a 68 Orange Krate too, but failed to get any pictures of it.  My son Bryan helped me on that one.

This one I wish I had kept for myself....a 1967 Fastback, with the 5 speed stick shift.   They featured thin line tires and rode like a dream....Great riders for adults, and killer looks.

This one3 was in the rare Coppertone Metallic, and was as close to mint as they get.

I did a lot of polishing and scrubbing, but a gem was under the dirt.

A real beauty.
This one was a 1970 Schwinn StingRay Coaster.  On this, I did a full restoration.

Completely stripped, every nut and bolt restored, new paint, new decals, new seat cover, and a lot of polishing on the chrome.

The bike was like new when finished, and I believe it was one of my very first Ebay auctions many years ago.
Here's a SWEET 1966 Schwinn StingRay "Fair Lady".....I bought it from a family friend in New York, (Rosey Smith....Sweet kid....Her Brother Chuck may have 'disagreed' back in the day!) owner, with the original manual and hang tag. 

All I did on this one was a complete scrub and polish, and it was like brand new.

This was one of the best girls bikes of the era.
This is a 67 Hawthorne, I believe made by Columbia.

I bought this in so-so condition because it was as close to my original "banana-bike" that I'd found.... I rode one of these for most of my younger years in St. Johnsville NY....

Quite a little bomb.

A bit of polish, a good cleaning, and it was as good as new.

Cool bike with lots of memories.
I saw a kid riding this rusted out wild looking bike, and talked him into selling it.   I took it to the shop, stripped it, rewelded a few spots, painted it a 2 tone purplish metallic, added a new purple sparkle seat and some custom lettering, and OUT popped the "Plum Crazy".

Just one of those things I "had to do".


Lemme' know when you figure it out.
This was a full blown custom.....

I started with parts from  an old Columbia "Playbike" 20"....  I cut and welded an extended frame, and lowered the front end....

Painted it Black Metallic with Clearcoat, and named it the
"Total Eklipse".

Really high and wild custom bent rear sissy-bar with a deep well saddle....and due to the lowered front end, I ended up with what I called "suicide pedals"....You did NOT want to get your toe bent forward, cause it could catch and literally fold you forward and flip the bike!

Not a ride for the faint hearted.