I'm somewhat of a Fender Amp nut.  They're nearly all I played in the day, and the ones that I DID have were mostly "rats" that someone found for me as a "deal from Uncle Ralph" or some other unlikely source. 

 I couldn't afford to buy a new amp, and had to take what came along and be happy....and I usually wasn't.  The first "new" amp that I ever had was a Lab Series L5, asuch as BB King plays to this day.  I loved the amp, especially the compressor and line out....BUT, my old Fenders are still my favorite. 

 Now that I'm older and more mature (yeah, right....) I've begun to humor myself with some great vintage amps.   I now restore the vintage Fenders, and even do a bit of electronic work on them, including full cap upgrades.  It's a load of fun, and more like "play" than work..... I've kept some goodies for myself, and sold a few.   This page gives you a sample of the gems I've restored.
Here's a nice 67 Pro Reverb I restored.... When I find a decent amp, I completely disassemble it to start....even the grillcloth is carefully removed and cleaned by hand using my own "formula"....You would not BELIEVE the amount of smoke deposits and dirt that needs to be cleaned after years and years of use in night clubs....It's amazing....But what's MORE amazing is what hides beneath that old dirt and grunge....Somewhere in there, there's a beautiful classic Fender lurking, just waitin' for someone to set it free..... Rips and tears, dents and dings...scratches and rust...ALL can be repaired and restored with TLC and patience.  And these babies are worth all of the labor I pour into them.  They're the best....Always have been, and always will be in my opinion.
Here's a 77 Deluxe Reverb "Silverface" that I brought back to virtually mint condition. I'm careful to start with good components, and with the silvers, the best faceplates that I can possibly find....They're not reproduced, and most are trash.... I look for the best of the best, and even buy spare faceplates whenever they become available.  Any vintage fender is worth restoring "right"....No shortcuts.
This is a real beauty.
Here's my '66 Pro, brought back to pristeen original condition....MASSIVE vintage tone....Recently let it go, and somewhat sorry I did.... Chances of finding these in good condition to start with are getting more slim with each passing day.  This was a diamond in the rough...Just needed a cut and polish to bring out the hidden treasure.  
This is a newer "Custom Vibrolux Reverb" Reissue amp by Fender.  They are extremely noisy, and the reverb has been split to both channels causing weakness and more noise.  I did a complete circuit mod by "Fromel" electronics to bring it back to vintage sounding glory, THEN designed a custom "kit" that converted the original white knob look to a vintage blackface appearance....Looks great, and sounds like a vintage Vibrolux.
I found this one hiding in the Tampa area...needed a good cleaning from dust and such (the tolex has to be scrubbed with a toothbrush)...I used a special process of my own on the faceplate too... It's a '79 Deluxe Reverb, with a D-120 JBL speaker.... Original hang tag and paperwork, and the boost switch was still in the bag! A real gem.
This is the "Holy Grail" of Silverface "combo" amps.... The elusive and highly coveted '68 Deluxe Reverb "Blackline" with "Drip-Edge" trim.  I was VERY fortunate to find a mint condition faceplate for this beauty....A new grillcloth (Fender Blue Stripe), and nearly perfect tolex covering....fabulous hardware, and GREAT tone.... I recapped this one with Mallory's to keep it sounding original.  I'll probably keep this one for a LONG time.  
Believe it or not, this amp is more rare than just about any vintage Fender you could name....It's all tube, form 1967, made in Japan by Teisco....The "Checkmate 20".\
When I found this, it was a filthy lil' rat....BUT, everything WORKED, the knobs were all there, the original speaker was good, and the faceplates were pretty decent.  The covering was really nice but filthy....It took 3 cleanings to bring it back....but NOW it's nearly PRISTEEN.  Killer "surf" sounds...tremolo and reverb....Just too good to part with.  Try to find another one..........!
And HERE is the "Holy Grail" of Fender stacks....The almost impossible to find 1968 Bandmaster Reverb VT-D120....This one was issued from the factory with JBL's, and sports the very rare tag with a low serial number.
I removed the D-120's, and installed Clapton's favorite's, the D-123....Lower wattage speakers, very smooth tone and smooth overdrives at lower volumes...perfectly matched JBL's for this rig.
I have a mint 70 faceplate on it, but the mint 68 is stored safely in a shipping tube, as well as the JBL logo for the lower grill.....impossible to replace.  This is a real gem, and I'm in no hurry to ever sell it.  Unlike ANY other Bandmaster Reverb out there.....extremely rare.
Here's my  '71 Vibrolux....Completely disassembled, cleaned and recapped, but it even sports it's original turquoise stripe grill cloth...Beautiful faceplate, tolex and original footswitch.
Twin 10" Jensens, 40 watts, and tons of vintage fender tone..... Original fender cover too.

They're gettin' harder and harder to find in this condition.....I might part with this one for the right offer, but I'd kick myself....as usual.
Here's another RARE bird...The Teisco Checkmate 22 "piggyback"....The bottom is actually the "28", meaning 2-8" speakers, but correct for the 22 head.  This head was also paired with the elusive "cone" shaped patio speakers by Teisco... Solid State, but that classic surf tone...Not everyone's cup of tea, but do I really care?
It's RARE....and nearly mint.
This is my 1983 Fender Deluxe Reverb II, designed by 'Rivera' for Fender.  It's a fairly rare amp, especially in this pristeen condition.  I found this amp in Florida, lurking in someone's closet....Nearly unused, it was just a little dusty.  Original tubes are extremely quiet....obviously low hours, and well taken care of.  This one is a true "Closet Queen", and you just don't find 'em like this much anymore!  To a true Rivera fan, this one's a collector piece that'll make 'em drool.