These pages contain a very small
record of some of the life's work
and custom creations of "Doc" Marino, a lifelong "restorationist".
Long before cable TV and the likes of
"American Restoration",
Doc was putting his hand to the
preservation of the "classics".....
Cars, appliances, furniture, toys,
guitars and amps, radio's and more...
It's a passion that started in his early
teens and continues today....
I hope you're "taken back" and
Blessed a little after looking through
the site.
So there's no confusion, this is NOT solely a business.... It's Doc's hobby.  It is not a commercial enterprise, so to speak.  Doc sells some of what he builds and collects, but not for profit's sake.
What he does, he does for enjoyment
and for the preservation of what he
sees as true "works of art".
A man who loves the Lord, his family and his work, is truly
a man Blessed with Life.
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